Brain injury claims

Every year in the United Kingdom figures from the Brain Injury Resource Foundation show that approximately 125,000 people suffer a brain injury which requires hospital admission.


Effects of brain and head injuries can vary, resulting in cognitive difficulties such as memory loss or poor concentration, through to permanent brain damage and the potential for physical disability.


Head injuries can be a result of many different things:


    Road traffic collisions

    Workplace accidents

    Personal assault

    Trips and falls

    Recreational and leisure activities


For example, you could be out shopping and trip over a poorly positioned stack of goods, fall and hit your head. Drivers or passengers in motor vehicles can be injured by being hit by another car, or by causing a crash themselves. Motorcyclists and cyclists can be hit by cars, and knocked to the ground. If they are not wearing helmets, there’s a strong risk of traumatic brain injury. Or perhaps an elderly relative suffers a fall due to uneven pavement or dilapidated steps.


A brain or head injury could include skull fractures, scalp lacerations, haematomas, haemorrhaging, cerebral contusion, concussion, and more.


After an injury such as this, the side effects can be long-lasting and include memory loss, physical or mental disability, fatigue, loss of concentration and brain damage. Hospital care and long term rehabilitation are very important for effective recovery, and often this is possible only if you have enough money to pay for care and treatment. Making a head injury compensation claim can provide you with the peace of mind that you can afford to recover without financial pressure.


Head and brain injuries can have a dramatic and life-changing impact for the person injured and for friends and family too. At Kwik Accident Helpline we believe that our clients deserve the best possible medical care, rehabilitation and specialised support after head injury.


If you have suffered a brain or head injury that was not your fault then you are entitled to pursue a settlement.


Call Kwik Accident Helpline today and talk to one of our experienced advisors for free advice, and let us help you to get the compensation you deserve.

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