Medical Negligence Claims

We all have the greatest respect for doctors and nurses, and the caring service they provide for their patients. However, if you or a member of your family have been injured or harmed as a result of medical treatment, then you are entitled to seek compensation for the pain and suffering endured. When a medical practitioner fails in their Duty of Care you may be entitled to compensation as a result of what is commonly known as ‘Medical Negligence’.


A breach in duty of care can be as a result of failed or delayed diagnosis, failing to warn you of the risks of a specific course of treatment, medical errors, and even careless surgical procedures. Most cases of medical negligence will involve doctors and surgeons, but can also apply to nurses and midwives, dentists, psychiatrists and more – in fact most registered medical practitioners. It can also extend to the hospitals themselves, through a breakdown in procedure such as the use of unsterilized instruments, or the contraction of a hospital-acquired infection.


Claims against medical professionals or organisations differ from personal injury claims sustained in a slip or a traffic accident, where fault is usually easily apportioned to a particular party. In the case of medical negligence, we’ll help you to prove with the evidence of medical experts that there were serious errors in your treatment, and that these errors caused, or contributed to, the injury you are seeking compensation for.


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