Motorbike Accidents

Motorbike accidents were responsible for 26,192 injuries in the UK during 2009, according to statistics from the Department for Transport. These motorcycle injuries included sprains, lacerations and minor fractures up to more serious injuries such as brain damage and spinal trauma resulting in a long term need for care.


Despite the risks, motorcyclists tend to be sensible road users and skilled in the use of their machines. However, the absence of seatbelts and secure protection around the rider or passenger increases the chances of a personal injury during a road traffic accident and means an accident is more likely to be serious if it does happen. The number of accidents involving motorbikes is out of all proportion to the number of bikers as expressed as a percentage of total road users.


Due to their nature motorcycle accidents are often very serious, resulting in injuries from a collision or falling from the bike. Motorcycles account for approximately one percent of the traffic on our roads however they are responsible for around twenty percent of the serious injuries or fatalities on the roads.


Along with lower limb damage from crushing, the most common type of motorbike accident injury is to the head. Motorcyclists often suffer an impact resulting in a violent movement of the head which can cause the brain to ‘bounce’ off the interior of the skull, combining damage upon impact with stressing of the brain tissue and blood vessels. Motorcyclists can also suffer head injuries from the shearing forces of rapid acceleration or deceleration as the result of a collision, which in effect are very similar to the whiplash injuries most commonly associated with drivers of motor vehicles.


Defects in the road surface, including damage to the road surface, mud, oil, or other spillages on the road can often result in motorcycle accidents too. In such cases a claim for personal injury compensation could be made against a party such as the local authority who would be responsible for maintaining the road.


If you have been in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault and have sustained any type of injury then you are entitled to pursue a settlement.


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